martedì 11 ottobre 2011


When openings the door, after a tiring day, you feel right at home.Gumboots, warm coats and hats are
ready to be pressed into action in the mudroom.
We are in and out of the house dozens of times each day - from house to garden, from house to studio, from house to workshop - constantly passing through the mudroom.
It's not just a space of transit, but it can be an extension of a home's decor.
Urban use of black, white and stone.

The purple is tint of this room approched to the acid green of wall. Beautiful!

Elegant version with modern touch of colors.

The space below the stairs has been cleverly utilised. Vintage furnitures complete the enviroment.

Blocks of colour define the space. Wallpaper coat stand is a great idea.

2 commenti:

  1. The first picture is wonderful :)

  2. WOW I am in awe of these mudrooms. The first two really appeal to me. I used to have a large mudroom, miss it.