venerdì 9 settembre 2011

Beauty Stories: Hammam

This post is dedicated to a wonderful and mysterious place: hammam.
"Steam bath", from the rite has become a time of prosperity  of ancient origins and spread throughout the Middle East.The hammam ritual has meant purification of body and mind,
has influenced human existence in various ways like a time for socializing.
Moroccan tradition includes the use of black soap, argan oil and the use of Rassoul (sometimes transcribed rhassoul and, correctly, Ghassul): clay mined in the Moroccan Atlas mountains.  
The black soap is a dark paste of olives and minerals which applies everywhere in the body tepidarium for its purifying properties and scrubs that make the skin very soft. Also the clutch with the glove of horsehair stimulates circulation
Architecturally hammams are more 'small and huge collection of Roman baths, even if it remains unchanged the typical organization of space in three separate areas.  
A Tepidarium, which is a large room warm and slightly humid with heated marble benches intended to settle in and acclimatise and where they are executed exfoliation and massage, a Calidarium, over the room full of steam at temperatures between 30 and 60 degrees, which makes the elastic skin and promotes perspiration and eliminates toxins; Frigidarium a room in which there is plenty of cold water (20-25 degrees).
 The ritual ends with a delicous Turkish mint tea!

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