venerdì 5 agosto 2011

Beauty Stories: Hair Mask

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Summer days put a strain on our hair  
exposed to sun and salt (for those at sea).
It need to arm ourselves with a good mask to avoid further damage, 
but to polish them and feed them.
Avoiding the use of commercial products 
and overloading our suitcase for vacation, we can make a homemde hair mask
without spending crazy amounts and using fresh ingredients from our pantry.

What you need is...
- 3 teaspoons of honey
- 2 teaspoons of olive oil
- juice of 1/2 lemon
- a little bowl
- a teaspoon
- a shower cap
What you do is...
You put all ingredients in the bowl and stir well,
until you get a nice moist textur.
then apply the mask all over,
remembering not to neglect the tips.
Wrap the hair with a shower cap and leave for thirty minutes.  
Rinse with warm water and proceed with your normal shampoo.
Use it once a week and you will feel softness!

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  1. That is defintely on the list of my things to do during the week. Feeling like a pamper day!