lunedì 29 agosto 2011

Monday Moodboard: I'll take sea with me

Wednesday my summer holidays will end and I'll return to home.
This mosaic is dedicated to sea and its treasury...

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venerdì 26 agosto 2011

Scatti d'estate

In queste due settimane mi sono dedicata ben poco a questo blog, nonostante avessi fermamente promosso di non assentarmi. In realtà, ho fatto capolino su queste pagine anche se mi sono goduta sole e mare un po' in Puglia e un po' in Calabria. E ne avrò ancora per qualche giorno prima di tornare su al nord :D
Che fortuna!
Circa due settimane fa sono andata in Puglia con un trenino che non arriva più a destinazione: 5 ore di viaggio e due ferma in una desolata stazione del cosentino.
Non mi soffermo sulle mie grandi lamentele riguardo i trasporti pubblici del sud uguali a 50 anni fa...
In Salento ho trascorso solo 4 giorni tra concerto dei Subsonica (la mia band preferita), un po' di mare e qualche passeggiata nel centro storico di Oria.
Attualmente sono ancora in Calabria a crogiolarmi nel dolce far nulla distesa al sole...
Ecco alcuni scatti della mia estate che sta per terminare...

la mia preferita

per fortuna si vedono solo i mei capelli

mare della Puglia

anche questa è una delle mie preferite, nata dall'errore

cielo salentino

mare di casa mia

mare di casa mia 2

tramonto incantevole (per dirla come i Subsonica)

sabato 13 agosto 2011

New look for bottles and mason jars

It's a perfect project to do at open air: to change bottles and mason jars to for them to become objects of furniture, pretty and useful. It's possibile to recreate a porcelain motif with spray or liquid acrylic, black, white and pastels. With few money you can to recupe everyday objects anf give a new life. It's simple!!
Good work!
At these links you found instructions.

martedì 9 agosto 2011

The many uses of a scarf

Ultimate summer accessory, synonymous with lightness and color.
The scarf is suitable for different uses, 
it takes up little space in your suitcase 
and it can change our look on occasion.
Bag- scarf is very cool!!

domenica 7 agosto 2011

White Dress

Summer is not summer without a white dress!
The white color  reflects sunlight and heat more than any other color,
 making it your best option for keeping cool.
Aline or structured, thee dress is perfect for
a boho mood. Add a few accessories such as sandals and a tote, 
necklace with turquoise gemstone and you're done!
But  it can be precoius in simplicity with a clutch.
Last imagine has a look 
that's great in town or after the return from the holidays:  
the white becomes gritty with a military jacket and high heels.




venerdì 5 agosto 2011

Beauty Stories: Hair Mask

1. Untitled, 2. Sweet Relief, 3. lemons, 4. Olive oil with olive branch

Summer days put a strain on our hair  
exposed to sun and salt (for those at sea).
It need to arm ourselves with a good mask to avoid further damage, 
but to polish them and feed them.
Avoiding the use of commercial products 
and overloading our suitcase for vacation, we can make a homemde hair mask
without spending crazy amounts and using fresh ingredients from our pantry.

What you need is...
- 3 teaspoons of honey
- 2 teaspoons of olive oil
- juice of 1/2 lemon
- a little bowl
- a teaspoon
- a shower cap
What you do is...
You put all ingredients in the bowl and stir well,
until you get a nice moist textur.
then apply the mask all over,
remembering not to neglect the tips.
Wrap the hair with a shower cap and leave for thirty minutes.  
Rinse with warm water and proceed with your normal shampoo.
Use it once a week and you will feel softness!

martedì 2 agosto 2011

Bon Voyage!

Tomorrow I'll come back to my home!!
I'll enjoy
I'll feel the pungent scent of salt air
the breeze and the rays of the sun will caress my skin...
I'm happy!!
But every year it presents the usual problem: organize your suitcase!
I have a small suitcase and fortunately  
I can select with the analytical eye  
pieces of my wardrobe really useful.
Skirts, shirts, dresses and sandals, a pair of shorts
a few pieces, but versatile, and combined with each other.
And do not forget the accessories ... I love the colorful necklaces and earrings  made by me, 
bracelets, flower hair pins
and my acid green sunglasses.
Bath towel and swinsuit are alredy in my old wardrobe.
my favorite colors for this season are brown, 
turquoise, white (in moderation) and neutral palette, purple, green,
a bit of yellow and blue (it is a master key for me I do not like black) and a touch of read.

At this link you can read a great post to organized your travel bag :)



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I will update on my Calabrian summer...
I go on vacation, but not my blog!