martedì 26 luglio 2011

Summer Tables





During Sumer dinners, lunches, parties or relaxing moments
are full of colors, inspirations,
delicious fresh fruit, gorgeous flowers 
and lots of laughter, hugs and memories...

mercoledì 20 luglio 2011


Collections of all items, but vintage...
Collections perfect for home decor and to share, 
to keep with love...

to capture memories and looks 

A fantastic room perfect for wanderlust travelers

The family stows off-season stuff, 
such as holiday ornaments, in each "drawer."

a wall full of memory that you can share with family and friends

lunedì 18 luglio 2011

Monday Moodboard: Carnival Party

1. Clown Vintage Buttons by Celessa
2. Tribal Vest by LoveandDream
3. Bearded Lady Art Print by KarolinFelix
4. Carousel Photo Print by Happeemonkee

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venerdì 15 luglio 2011


The Moroccan look is trend of every summer.
With lots of intricate patterns, bold colors, mysteroius women, spicy perfumes:
there’s something in it for everyone, whether it be for your wardrobe, your home…
Spirit is boho and colorful...

1. French Revue de Modes – Moroccan Location via Bohemia Life

mercoledì 13 luglio 2011

Garden Party

In this season garden is beautiful: 
flowers and plants are lush!
Our friends, a guitar and day light are perfect mix. 
This is my gallery

.... and a lovely tutorial
to point the way to the guests

lunedì 4 luglio 2011

Monday Moodboard: The Funny Farm

1. Mother Goose Box by Psyboom
2. Cow Ring by Giftforever
3. Berry Season Photography by MatkirschPhoto
4. Vintage French Colander by FrenchGypsy

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domenica 3 luglio 2011


Forget a quick rinse in an outdoor shower―
opt for a long soak under the stars. 
Turn a private deck into an outdoor bath with a freestanding tub 
and pedestal sink for the ultimate alfresco experience.

Freshness of stone,
clean and sharp lines, cold tones 
fort this bathroom that
has an exotic touch and meditative,
  for a relaxing moment.
The colors are strictly summer.
The bathroom has a Moroccan feel, but at the same time
the bathtub is from the 19th century.
 A dip from ethic flavor...

venerdì 1 luglio 2011

Tea in Summer

I dont' give the warm tea even in summer,  
but if it gets too hot ... the tea is cold!