martedì 3 agosto 2010

Flickr Favorites: Sea is my destination

I grew up with the sound of waves.
Now, I study in Parma and I'll return at home during the summer.
My home is in South of Italy.
 I selected four sea view for different place of South:
Calabria, Eolie Islands in Sicily, Puglia.
This is my country!

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10 commenti:

  1. You live in a fantastic country with more than enough beautiful spots !

  2. beautiful beautiful! I grew up by the ocean too (southern Atlantic) and I really miss it as well.
    My family comes from the south Italy, Sicily.


  3. OOh, I love this so much. Water is my favorite thing. I want to jump into your mosaic!

  4. I love the souns of the sea and I'm sad that I live so far from it. You mosaic is beautiful.

  5. Oh and how I LOVE your country. I picked NYC this time, but Italy is my utmost favorite destination in Europe. Rome, Tuscany, they stole my heart. Lovely mosaic!

  6. Lovely mosaic, it is also a great country to go!

    have a nice day!

  7. I want to dive into the last photo! I'd love to visit Italy, I have heard your gelato is to die for!

  8. Italy is such a beautiful country!
    And Italy and the sea sounds like the perfect combination :)

  9. Your country looks beautiful! I would like to visit all the places in your mosaic!