martedì 13 luglio 2010

Flickr Favorites: Marie Antoinette

I do not hold much sympathy for this historical figure, 
but I was positively impressed by the film by Sofia Coppola  and by the book (in Italian) by Antonia Fraser

 14th July 1789 revolution broke out changing the French and European history.

 Marie Antoniette 

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  1. I loved the film too! Great theme for your fav's! :)

  2. I like the dresses out that periode ..

  3. Such a lovely and delicate mosaic. I like it a lot

  4. Great film! And lovely matching mosaic =)

  5. I loved the film too!
    Versailles is stunning... and the contrast of the modern soundtrack with those idyllic images looks great.
    And those macarons are so colorful and tasty... yummy! :)

  6. Lovely mosaic perfect match for such a lovely film!